Kiara Elizabeth 

Transformational Life Coach 

In July of 2019 I experienced what I consider to be one of the most traumatic situations in my life, my oldest brother was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident. As painful and traumatizing as it is to lose someone I love, I decided to seek the lessons within my reality.  I made a decision not to sulk in my sorrow; going into a deep depression was not an option for me. Instead, I decided to seek God, I discovered the truth and not what my reality was aiming to convince me. My reality nearly made me lose hope and believe I would no longer be able to enjoy living. Building my relationship with God is what truly helped me. I committed myself to see the truth in all of my trials, not settling for my current circumstances and what my emotions were telling me.  I knew there had to be some good in all of this. 


AND there was, there is purpose in pain. Life does not happen to us it happens for us. 


 Despite how our circumstances look, there are valuable lessons within each trial and tribulation.


 I have a deep desire to help those who are needing a higher perspective.  I am here to help others uncover the hidden light within their circumstances with hopes to catapult one's level of thinking and see beyond their reality. I am here to be a GUIDING LIGHT.