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Kiara Elizabeth 

Transformational Life Coach 

 In July 2019 my world was flipped upside down. My late brother was killed in a fatal motorcycle accident. Everything began to change right before my eyes. I was convinced life would never be the same, and to be honest, it has not been and I don't expect it to be. 

Life begin to have a  new meaning, nothing was as it seems. There was purpose within my pain. I realized life was not happening to me but happening for me. I viewed my grief and mourning as an obstacle, either I become paralyzed or I become victorious. I chose VICTORY. 

 I am unable to choose what I will face in this life however I am in control of the way I react.  Which led me on a spiritual journey . 

Seeking God is where I truly began to gain wisdom and understanding regarding the power of the mind. What the mind believes the body follows. It was imperative for my mind to be renewed. Once I knew this, I saw the opportunity CLEARLY. What I had to go through has paved the way for all those I am here to help. 

 Despite how our circumstances look, there are valuable lessons within each trial and tribulation. Choose VICTORY it is your birthright. You can overcome whatever it is you are up against, you have to tell your mind what to think. 


 I have a deep desire to help those who are needing a higher perspective.  I am here to help others uncover the hidden light within their circumstances with hopes to catapult one's level of thinking and see beyond their reality. I am here to be a GUIDING LIGHT.  

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